Near and Dear

We all have causes that are important to us. Political, personal, whatever. These are some of mine.

Planned Parenthood

If you know me, you know this. Planned Parenthood gets a regular donation from me. They do SO much more than provide safe abortions for women. They’re one of the biggest providers of birth control in the US, along with offering a host of other services to women who wouldn’t otherwise have access. You want fewer women to have abortions? Me, too. Easy access to reliable birth control is the way to accomplish that. PP was there when I needed them, and that’s all I say about that.

Cat Cafes

I’m a sucker for cat cafes and animal shelters. We adopted Doug from our local cat cafe, and it’s hard to imagine life without his squeaks. FiFi came from an animal shelter, a different one not connected with the cat cafe. Truthfully, it doesn’t matter if you use a cat cafe, animal shelter, or a rescue organization. Give a home to an animal who needs one.

Democratic Candidates, But Not PACs

Don’t pretend to be shocked that I donate to political campaigns. And yes, that typically means Democrats. Republicans are kind of deal breakers for me currently, and I make no apologies for that. If I support a candidate, I’ll donate to him/her. However, I will not donate to PACs. Dark money is a huge problem with politics, as is just the sheer amount of money that flows in.


The ACLU is important. For everyone. I’ve seen it referred to as a liberal activist group, which makes me laugh. Civil rights aren’t a liberal thing. They’re a human thing. And that goes for every human. Yep, I’m saying that even criminals have some rights, and those rights should be protected. So whether it’s a woman who was discriminated against at work, or a person charged with murder, their rights matter.


I like PBS. There, I said it. They’re a reliable source of information, and Antiques Roadshow is one of my favorite shows. Public television matters.

There are more groups I could add. And maybe will later. Feel free to add your own groups in comments, or share!

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