no service

The two dreaded words.  “No service.”  Want to see your kids come out of their dungeons/rooms?  Watch how fast they come out when they’re forced to deal with weaker Wi-Fi, with no cell data to back it up, lol.  Suddenly, they’re willing participants in the family again.  They both came out, “Did your phone suddenly go to No Service?”  Mine and probably the phones of a few hundred thousand other people, lol.  It seems that an AT&T fiber optic line was cut.  Oops.

Good thing I don’t rely on my cell service specifically.  Thanks to the miracle of separate internet, I’m still able to write, browse the interwebs, and annoy people online.

However, I will admit to feeling a little naked when I left the house and the safety of Wi-Fi.  I’m a news and weather junkie, so I regularly check those things.  And games.  Let’s not forget those apps.  I may or may not have reached some insane level in Candy Crush.  Besides, it’s the hotter-than-the-surface-of-the-sun, and my lungs hate the heat and humidity here.  I need some kind of mind-numbing entertainment.  Don’t you?


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