Where Are You From?

It sounds like an easy question, right?  Except when it’s not.  While I grew up in Kentucky, I’ve spent almost all of my adult life living in other states.

One year in Florida.
One year in Connecticut.
Four years in Virginia.
Twelve years in Connecticut.
Four years and counting in South Carolina.

Add to that the fact that my accent doesn’t give any hints as to where I’ve lived, and you’ll get a sort of perplexed look from me if you ask me where I’m from.  Because, can I really say that I’m from a state when I have no intention of ever being a resident of that state again?  Yeah, I grew up in Kentucky, but I don’t plan to live there again.  And I spent the longest period of time in my adult life in Connecticut, but I don’t plan to live there again, either (although I reserve the right to reconsider, if Trumpcare gets the nod).

I don’t plan to make South Carolina my forever home, either.  I think we all know why.  But I don’t know where my forever home will be.  I’ve been to plenty of places that I’ve enjoyed, places that are beautiful, places where I suppose I could live.  But I haven’t found the place that makes me say, “This is it.  This is where I need to be.”

Maybe I’ll find that place by the time I figure out how to answer the question, “Where are you from?”  Right now, none of those places where I’ve lived are definitively *me.




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