Questions From a Republican

Recently, there was an article making the rounds on social media entitled 28 Questions for Republicans Because Your Policies Make No Damned Sense to Me, by Elisabeth Parker.  In response, a Republican posed these questions to the author, and she responded with 20 Questions From a Republican Because Democrats Make No Damned Sense to Him.  I felt like playing along.

1. If the Democrats are no longer racist, why do they insist on excluding white men from affirmative action, regardless of how poor the man is?

White men have a leg up on everyone else.  Did you miss that part?

2. Why do we even need affirmative action? Aren’t minorities capable of success on their own merits?

I’ve had to explain to my daughters why women get paid less than men, for doing the same exact job.  If you’re black or Latino, you probably are paid even less than that.  That’s why affirmative action is still necessary.  I’d be first in line to get rid of it if there was a guarantee of equal pay for equal work, no matter which sex you are or what you look like.

3. If it is the responsibility of the wealthy to share with the poor, why are so many Democrats millionaires? Shouldn’t they be sharing the wealth?

It’s the responsibility of *everyone to help out those who need it.  Not just the wealthy.  I don’t begrudge someone for being a millionaire, regardless of political party.  However, I despise greedy people who are only concerned with themselves.

4. If socialism works, what happened to Venezuela?

The President of Venezuela suspended constitutional rights.  That’s not socialism.

5. If gun control works, why are the most violent cities in America the ones with the strictest gun laws?

Well, I don’t think gun control, in its current state, works all that well, as evidenced by the large number of people who are able to circumvent the laws.  But the issue is much bigger than gun laws.  Gangs, drugs, poverty… gun control doesn’t get rid of those problems.

6. If illegal immigrants are good for the economy, why didn’t they improve the economy of where they came from?

Really?  You tell me how well you can improve your economy on a minimum wage of just over $4 per day. Mexico’s Growing Wage Problem

7. Do you think it’s wise to reward people for breaking the law?

I’m assuming this relates to illegal immigrants.  No, I’m not a fan of rewarding people who break the law to come to the US.  I’m also not a fan of deporting someone who has lived here for years, without causing any problems.

8. If the police are violent racists, why do you want them to be the only ones with guns?

I don’t.  I’m not anti-gun, and I don’t think police in general are violent racists.

9. How is blocking a highway improving black lives?

Obviously, they got someone’s attention.  That’s the point.

10. Where was your outrage when the Obama administration sold weapons-grade uranium to Russia?

My outrage is directed toward people who don’t fact-check.

11. If Christians are evil for not celebrating gay weddings, what are Muslims who throw gay people off of buildings?

No one has to celebrate a wedding if they don’t want to.  Just like no law states that a priest has to marry anyone but Catholics.  Muslims who kill gay people just for being gay are assholes who should be charged with hate crimes.

12. If Christians are evil for not supporting abortion, what are Muslims who stone women to death for having one?

I don’t think Christians have to *support abortion.  I just don’t want my rights legislated by someone else’s morality.  Muslims who stone women to death, as with the previous question, are assholes.  My choice would be to charge them with hate crimes, too, but our legal system will only acknowledge murder in a case such as that.

13. If conservatives are anti-woman for expecting them to buy their own birth control, what are Muslims who don’t even allow women to drive a car?

If those conservatives also insist that men buy their own Viagra, then I’m cool with them thinking women should buy their own birth control.  I’m not a *fan of strict Muslim control in countries like Saudi Arabia, but I’m also not a fan of barging into other countries and telling them how to govern.

14. Why does it cost over 40,000 dollars to adopt a child, but only 3,000 to kill one?

Let’s get a few things straight.  An early abortion doesn’t cost $3,000.  Many, many women don’t equate a pregnancy with an instant child.  You all know I’m adamantly pro-choice, so I’ll leave it at that.

I’m incredibly uncomfortable with so much money changing hands in adoption.  To me, it’s akin to buying a child.  Everyone wants a healthy newborn baby, preferably white, and if you have enough money,  you can get one.  While there are so many other kids that need homes.  It’s not a fair system.

15. If marriage is slavery, why do you support it for homosexuals?

I obviously missed the part where marriage is slavery.  Or maybe I’m in the wrong kind of marriage.

16. If there are so many genders why are there only 2 different genitals?

Look up the definition of gender.  And then look up the definition of genitals.  You’ll see.

17. If guns cause crime, why do we surround the president with armed men? Aren’t we putting him in danger by doing so?

This is a trick question, right?  Guns don’t cause crime.  People commit crimes.  We surround the President with armed men because even the worst presidents have to be protected.

18. If Republican states are so poor, why do we have the most retirees?

I have no idea.  Probably has something to do with the fact that retirees can rely on Medicare instead of hoping their insurance companies will cover something.  Or anything.  Retirees also are not dependent on earning power in those states.

19. If Democratic states are so rich, why are they always borrowing money?

Every state borrows money.  That’s how the economy works.  Borrow money to do something that creates jobs, and those people, in turn, contribute money to the economy.  There was a referendum in my area last fall to cover the cost of libraries and parks with bonds.  Sort of like most people borrow money to buy cars and houses.

20. If socialism works so well, why are over 2/3 of the asylum seekers applying for refuge in the United States from socialist countries? Shouldn’t we be fleeing to them?

Huh.  We’re taking refugees from Norway, France, and Denmark?  Some Americans ARE fleeing to those countries.  I get it.



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