My Least Favorite Congresspeople – Part 2

I didn’t set out to separate the Senators from the Representatives, it just kind of turned out that way.  Since it did, on to the House, again, in no particular order.  Trust me, there are plenty of people there who deserve to be called out.

Rep. Martha Roby
She’s lovely.  If you think being supported by Sarah Palin is lovely.  Martha Roby represents Alabama and is against gay marriage, is against Planned Parenthood, has voted against most of what the EPA represents, and voted to shut down the federal government in 2013, affecting millions of people.  And just in case you’re still undecided on what kind of person she is, she also voted against the relief package for victims of Hurricane Sandy, which wreaked havoc on the mid-Atlantic and Northeast.  She also voted to cut food stamps, even though 40,000 or so households in her own congressional district received them.

Rep. Martha McSally
She’s on this list because she continually has no opinion or refuses to answer questions about her positions, even to her Arizona constituents.  If you’re going to be in Congress, you should make it clear to people what your beliefs are, so that your constituents can make *their opinions clear.  She refused to answer whether she recommended that her constituents vote for Trump.  She refused to answer questions on what view she held of the compromise that ended the government shutdown in 2013.   She did not take a position on the DREAM Act.  She has not taken a position on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.  She has, however, suggested that there is no war on women in the US, suggesting that women go visit Kabul and see what a real war on women looks like.  Oh, and her website contains a pop-up ad. Not recommended if you want people to like you.

Rep. Paul Goser
Another Arizona representative.  Who was the only member of Congress to refuse to attend Pope Francis’ address.  Why?  Because the Pope would not discuss “violent Islam” or the dangers of Planned Parenthood. He’s the Pope!  Even I, the no-longer-Catholic, would feel honored to be in the presence of him.  He attempted to impeach the head of the EPA under Obama, and he referred to Native Americans as wards of the federal government.  This doesn’t even include all the regular offenses of ultra-conservative Republicans.  And he also has a pop-up on his official page, asking you to sign up for a newsletter.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi
I know she’s theoretically on my side, but I just don’t LIKE her.  She has a long history with California, but she’s very polarizing.  She’s a big fan of the US supporting Israel at all costs.  I’m not.  She voted against the Balanced Budget Amendment (Surprise!  This liberal would love to see a balanced budget each year.)  She denies that there’s a crisis with Social Security.  Something about her just grates on my nerves.  Another pop-up on her website.  I don’t want to subscribe to anything from her.

Rep. Devin Nunes
Besides the fact that he held a press conference and shared info with the Whitehouse about Trump and the Russians BEFORE telling the rest of his intelligence committee?  He’s denied that climate change had anything to do with the California drought.  He’s voted repeatedly to repeal the ACA.  He supports expansion of drilling for fossil fuels, regardless of what the results are.  He was one of the leaders of Benghazi investigations, but didn’t want to investigate Trump and the Russians at all.  The pop-up on his website is just the crowning touch.  Californian in name only.

Rep. Steve Knight
I’m not sure what a Californian knows about the Confederate flag, but the fact that he was opposed to barring it from California museums and gift shops speaks volumes.  He believes greenhouse gas emissions should not be regulated.  He supported Proposition 8 in California, which would have denied same-sex couples the right to marry.  Not really sure how California produced such a conservative.

Rep. Mike Coffman
I was surprised to realize this guy is from Colorado.  Earlier this year, he actually fled a town hall meeting that was filled with angry constituents.  He opposes universal background checks on gun purchases.  He voted against renewing the Violence Against Women Act.  He co-sponsored a bill that would redefine federal funding for abortions only in case of “forcible rape.”  Because that’s the only type that counts, right?  He wants to end birthright citizenship, guaranteed by the 14th Amendment.  He stated that he did not think Michael Flynn should be investigated for his connections to the Russians and Trump.  He’s voted to defund Planned Parenthood.  He questioned Obama’s citizenship, for Pete’s sake.

Rep. Jody Hice
This guy.  The feminist in me wants to shove him in a closet.  He once stated that a woman had to be “within the authority of her husband” if she wanted to run for office.  And it just goes downhill from there.  He has concerns about banning conversion therapy.  You know, where they train homosexuals to not be homosexual.  He’s also stated that homosexuality is indulging a sinful tendency, like drinking alcohol.  He feels threatened by same-sex marriage, comparing it to a trashy neighborhood, and he thinks the Bible should be taught in public schools.  Basically, he’s everything I can’t stand about Georgia.

More to come at a later date.



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