The Battle With Cancer

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been affected by cancer, whether on their own, a family member, or a friend.  Some have lived, some have even been considered cured, and some have died.  Cancer is a nasty, hateful bitch.  Yes, I assigned a female gender, although I have no justification for doing so.  Cancer destroys lives and families and relationships, and if it doesn’t kill someone outright, the effects of it and treatment might make one wish for death.

Which is why I take offense to the phrase, “lost his/her battle with cancer.”  As if they didn’t try hard enough, didn’t fight enough to live.  As if they could have done more.  As if the ones who didn’t die from cancer were better.  I have a similar reaction to hearing that God’s answered someone’s prayers to cure them of cancer.  So He didn’t answer the thousands of other people who end up dying of cancer in the US each year?  Did they not pray hard enough or have strong enough faith?  Did they not deserve to live?

If you’ve had to face cancer head-on, you’re strong.  You’re no loser.  I wish everyone could survive cancer.  I don’t care if you smoked like a chimney or never did a day of exercise in your life.  No one deserves the pain that cancer brings, not the person, not their friends, not their families.  And someone who dies from cancer didn’t lose any battle.


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