My Least Favorite Congresspeople – Part 1

Oh yeah, this is definitely going to be a multi-part blog post.  There are just too many words required to make clear how much I dislike certain Representatives and Senators.  It might even be easier to just name the ones I do like.  Shorter, certainly, lol.  But that’s no fun.  So in no particular order, let’s begin.

Senator Tim Scott
One of the most spineless people I’ve ever seen.  Tim Scott cares only about the party line and has demonstrated not a bit of empathy for those he represents.  During his last town hall meeting here, all questions had to be vetted by his staff, so he could prepare his answers, and if he didn’t want to answer a question, he just skipped it.  He sang the praises of Betsy DeVos, saying that his reality showed she was qualified.  Which sounded suspiciously familiar to “alternative facts,” since I have yet to meet one person who believes she’s qualified to run the Department of Education.

Senator Lindsey Graham
Where to start with the man who refuses to come out of the closet?  I get it.  South Carolina isn’t exactly a tolerant state.  But we all know.  Just be honest.  That has nothing to do with my dislike of him, though.  About once a month, he says something that I find refreshing.  Unfortunately, all the other comments from him usually infuriate me.  He’s a gun-lover.  Even after Newtown, he refused to do a damn thing that would go against his beloved NRA.  He condemned Trump’s behavior during the campaign, and then rolled over like all the other Republicans and endorsed him whole-heartedly.  That’s reason enough to land him on this list.

Senator Mitch McConnell
I hate this man, and I don’t hate many people.  He’s that special.  I grew up in Kentucky, and he was elected senator before I moved away.  I don’t remember him starting out as such a nasty, evil man.  He actually said that it was his goal to block Obama on everything.  Just because.  He refused to even schedule a hearing for Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court.  You know, his JOB.  Here’s a man who doesn’t believe in climate change, and wants to take away healthcare from people, but in 2014, he was awarded the Kentucky Life Science Champion Award.  Seriously? And he strongly resembles a turkey.  Petty, yes.  I don’t care.

Senator Richard Burr
Another obstructor.  He bragged about keeping a federal court seat in North Carolina vacant for a record-breaking period of time.  Bragged about screwing over his own state!  He said if Hillary Clinton had been elected president, he would have attempted to keep her from getting a Supreme Court nominee confirmed by the Senate for FOUR YEARS.  He voted against a bill that would have extended gun background checks to trade shows and internet sales.  After all, everyone should be able to get a gun whenever, however, right?

Senator Ted Cruz
A slimy car salesman, that’s what he should be.  He deliberately forced a government shutdown, which affected thousands of employees and their families, including my own.  He also rolled over to support Trump after months of Trump’s bullying during the presidential campaign.  He’s against providing healthcare for Americans, he’s against women’s health, he’s in bed with the NRA, and he denies that climate change exists.

Senator Pat Roberts
Here’s another one who tries to blackmail people to get what he wants.  He held Obama’s nominee for the Secretary of the Army, because he wanted Obama to give up on closing down Guantanamo Bay.  He opposes gay marriage (why???), and he supported the Patriot Act, which most Americans still don’t understand just how much they allowed the government to intrude into their private lives.  And of course, his recent comment about how he’d hate to lose his mammograms, in regards to the Republican attempt to repeal the ACA.

Senator John Boozman
It’s Arkansas.  Really, I’m not sure any further explanation is required.  He’s voted against a bill that would have banned discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in the workplace.  He voted against expanded background checks for gun purchases.  He’s tried to define marriage as only between one woman and one man.  He voted against re-authorizing the Violence Against Women Act.  Who says everyone should be treated equally?

I can respect differences of opinion.  However, I cannot respect actions that infringe of my rights or the rights of others, and I don’t care how politely they speak, their true colors shine through quite clearly.


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