In What World Do Confederate Flags Fly at Family-Oriented Festivals?

In this world.


Today was the last day of the Flowertown Festival, where 200,000 people converge on a so-called small town in South Carolina.  One of the largest craft fairs in the Southeast, lots of food, lots of vendors, a few rides to interest the kids.  It’s a charity fundraiser for the local YMCA.

And then there was this.  Let it be noted that this display was NOT sanctioned by the organizers of the festival.  They rejected the application, and a local business, John Couch Income Tax Services offered to let the group set up shop on its property, literally just outside of the north boundary of the festival.

This sums up one of the main issues of this state.  It’s bad enough that a group can set up a display like this under the guise of “southern heritage.”  It’s even worse when someone else approves it.  I’m pretty sure Mr. John Couch is being flooded with angry calls, emails, and messages, as he should be.  What’s the point of setting this display up at a family festival?  They certainly weren’t collecting money for charities.

I’m aware of the history of the Confederate flag.  I’m also aware of what it represents, and don’t you dare feed me that line about it being a symbol of your heritage.  Because I grew up in Kentucky, and it’s damn sure not a symbol of MY heritage that I want to claim.

The irony is that the same people who adore that flag are the same ones who refer to liberals and “libtards” and “snowflakes.” the same people who tell anti-Trump protesters to “get over it.”

I found myself attempting to explain many things to my kids when we moved here 4 years ago.  Like why so many adore the Confederate flag.  But it’s really hard to explain something that you don’t understand yourself.


2 thoughts on “In What World Do Confederate Flags Fly at Family-Oriented Festivals?

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