For the Love of Guns

Before I get started, let me say that I don’t want to take your guns.  I don’t care if you own a gun, if you’re a responsible, law-abiding citizen.  Please note those two adjectives.  I don’t want to repeal the 2nd Amendment.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, I just don’t understand the love affair this country has with guns.  I grew up with guns.  My dad hunted occasionally.  I even own two guns (which is another story, but I digress).  I don’t have them for hunting or protection.  In South Carolina, it seems like everyone has a gun.  And they leave them in unlocked cars, but again, that’s another story.  They LOVE their guns here.  The state motto might as well be “No government’s going to tell me what to do!”  And that applies to their beloved guns.

There’s no requirement to register a gun here.  The only requirements seem to be the ability to breathe and a background check.  Except, if your background check gets held up for more than 72 hours, they’ll assume you’re a law-abiding citizen and let you buy it anyway.  So I guess that means the only real requirement to purchase a gun is the ability to breathe.  There’s no requirement for training, unless you want to carry concealed, and even then, that’s very minimal.  The legislature is trying to do away with the training requirement completely.  In fact, there’s currently a bill working its way through the legislature that will allow people to openly carry WITHOUT a permit. Open Carry Bill Moves Ahead in SC House

So because it’s not already asking for trouble to allow people to bring guns inside bars, we’ll have people walking around anywhere with guns, people who may or may not know how to use them.  Why?  Are you that afraid in public?  I don’t ever want to be so afraid of the people around me that I feel like I need to carry a weapon, wherever I go.  Or do you just want to pretend to be a badass?  Is this compensation, like the ginormous trucks?

If these people were responsible gun owners, I might feel better.  But I can name at least 5 incidents of a child being shot with a gun that was left lying around.  On a table.  In an unlocked glove compartment.  Under the seat of a car.  With no consequences for the adults involved, because apparently, South Carolina doesn’t feel the need to force adults to behave like adults.

So when someone talks about the gun culture in the US, this is it.  I live in it.  And I still don’t understand it.


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