Living Blue in a Red State

I knew when we moved here that it would be an adjustment.  After living in a solidly Democrat state that bordered on a nanny state, moving to a red, red, RED state was… different.  I’m not a bleeding heart liberal, but there are some things that are musts for me.

  • A woman’s body is her own.
  • Keep your nose out of my bedroom.
  • People are people.  I don’t care what color your skin is, which gender you identify with, or whether you’re gay or straight.  It doesn’t matter.  Everyone deserves the same rights and deserves to be treated with respect.  If you try to be a good person, that’s good enough for me.
  • Everyone has the right to healthcare.  That whole “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” part of the Constitution?  Yeah, you can’t do that if you die because of inability to afford medical care.
  • I’m for the legalization of at least some drugs.  If you’re not committing an actual crime while using drugs (like DUI, child neglect, etc), you’re not a danger to anyone.  It’s pointless to send someone to jail for possession.  Now dealing, I have an issue with that.  But not possession or usage.
  • I happen to like Earth.  I like having clean air to breathe, and I like not having to worry that my drinking water is contaminated.  I also like knowing that Earth will continue to be a comfortable place for my kids. Treat it right.
  • Guns are not the answer to everything.  I’m not anti-guns, but the idea that any idiot can walk around with a gun is scarier than the idea of being a victim of a crime.

And I now live in a state that actively tries to infringe upon all of those things.  Abortions past 20 weeks?  Not legal here.  The only reason that gay marriage is allowed here is because of the Supreme Court.  The legislature tried to pass a transgender bathroom bill, modeled after the infamous North Carolina law.  At least it died in committee.

Healthcare?  You’re going to die anyway, so what’s the problem?  Don’t even think about using drugs.  You’ll be arrested for having a joint in your pocket. And when you get probation for that possession charge, you’ll have to pay for that privilege.  The environment is here for human consumption.  Literally and figuratively.  Just today, I saw an article where the power company, SCE&G, will be allowed to just cap the amount of tar in a river, not actually have to clean up their mess.  At which point did ANY amount of tar in a river become acceptable?

This state is the heart of the American love affair with guns.  They’ve quietly chipped away at restrictions, so much so that pretty much the only qualification for owning a gun here is to be a breathing human.  There’s even talk of doing away with concealed weapons permits, to allow ANYONE to carry a gun around.  Fabulous.

Lest someone think I’m just bashing my state, I *like this area.  We live in the one part of the state that’s more purple than red.  I’m close to the ocean. I can be at the beach in 40 minutes.  I adore winter here.  After moving from an area where winter lasts 6 months, I adore 70 degree afternoons in February.  My kids have wonderful options with school, classes that were budget victims in our previous state.

But there are just so many things that make me shake my head.


One thought on “Living Blue in a Red State

  1. I’m in the same situation as you. I live in a nearly solid red state. Ironically they did vote Bernie Sanders at higher numbers than they did Trump so at least I know there’s hope. The really weird thing about my state is that for years they have been anti-immigration and were also against a reform. But now that their wishes are coming true they’re now suddenly pro-immigration and want a reform because their multi billion dollar industries (diary & agriculture) depends on immigrants. Republicans really do only care about money.


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