My Happy Place, aka The Ocean

We all have our happy places.  You know, that place or that thing that soothes your soul and quiets the noise in your head.  For me, that’s the ocean.  It doesn’t have to be a beach, although that’s a definite bonus.  I love the crashing waves, the roar of the surf.  I love the sand dunes (and really, is it THAT hard to stay off the dunes?).  Although it sounds so corny, I love long walks on the beach, with my toes in the water.  Maybe not in February, though.  It’s a bit chilly.

The longer I meander along the beach, the more relaxed I am.  I can feel the tension easing out of me.  And the winter beach is much different from the summer beach.  The winter beach is quiet, with hard-packed sand flattened from the winter storms.  There are thousands of shells, not yet grabbed up by the tourists.  The summer beach is packed with people, beach umbrellas, and squeals of laughter.  Each has its own appeal, but on that day last week when I needed to clear my head for a bit, the winter beach was perfect.

I never saw the ocean until I was an adult.  I can’t imagine life without it.


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