Shifting Roles

As I get older, and my parents get older, I find myself shifting from the role of daughter to more of a caretaker, the infamous sandwich generation, I guess.  From my short introduction, it sucks.  It hurts my heart to see the people who raised me and never let me see the difficulties, need help.

There’s a certain frailty to them now.  The infamous C word has struck home.  Cancer.  No word carries more horror. I won’t always be able to drop everything and make the 900 mile trip to them, but when I can, I do.  And when my mom told me that I didn’t have to, my answer was, “Yes, I do.”  I wish some others felt the same.

I’m used to taking care of my kids.  Taking care of parents is shockingly similar to taking care of young kids.  And yes, I occasionally take a time out.  I had forgotten how exhausting it can be.

So I’ve stocked the fridge, and I’ve done what I can.  Tomorrow, I’ll board a plane back home, and I’ll hope that there are no more emergencies for a while.  And my heart will break a little.


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