First Impressions

I'm a believer in first impressions.  Whatever I think of a person from the start will likely color anything they do beyond that point, good or bad.  Rarely do I change my mind on that. I attended a town hall meeting with my Congressman over the weekend.  Considering that he was a previous governor of … Continue reading First Impressions


Living Blue in a Red State

I knew when we moved here that it would be an adjustment.  After living in a solidly Democrat state that bordered on a nanny state, moving to a red, red, RED state was... different.  I'm not a bleeding heart liberal, but there are some things that are musts for me. A woman's body is her … Continue reading Living Blue in a Red State

My Happy Place, aka The Ocean

We all have our happy places.  You know, that place or that thing that soothes your soul and quiets the noise in your head.  For me, that's the ocean.  It doesn't have to be a beach, although that's a definite bonus.  I love the crashing waves, the roar of the surf.  I love the sand … Continue reading My Happy Place, aka The Ocean