Questions From a Republican

Recently, there was an article making the rounds on social media entitled 28 Questions for Republicans Because Your Policies Make No Damned Sense to Me, by Elisabeth Parker.  In response, a Republican posed these questions to the author, and she responded with 20 Questions From a Republican Because Democrats Make No Damned Sense to Him.  … Continue reading Questions From a Republican

South Carolina Shenanigans

To say this state is unconventional is an understatement.  Things operate differently in the South, and not necessarily in a good way.  In my 4 years of residing here, I've paid attention, done some mental note-taking, and I've drawn some conclusions.  There's some shady stuff going on here. One big thing I've noticed is that … Continue reading South Carolina Shenanigans

The Adult Child – It Goes So Fast

When you first have a child, everyone tells you that it goes by so quickly.  And you don't believe them.  And then suddenly, your child is 18 years old and about to graduate high school. I still have to stop for a minute when I'm informed that she has to sign something, not me, because … Continue reading The Adult Child – It Goes So Fast

My Least Favorite Congresspeople – Part 2

I didn't set out to separate the Senators from the Representatives, it just kind of turned out that way.  Since it did, on to the House, again, in no particular order.  Trust me, there are plenty of people there who deserve to be called out. Rep. Martha Roby She's lovely.  If you think being supported … Continue reading My Least Favorite Congresspeople – Part 2

The Battle With Cancer

I don't know anyone who hasn't been affected by cancer, whether on their own, a family member, or a friend.  Some have lived, some have even been considered cured, and some have died.  Cancer is a nasty, hateful bitch.  Yes, I assigned a female gender, although I have no justification for doing so.  Cancer destroys … Continue reading The Battle With Cancer

I Did Not Acknowledge Siblings Day

So Monday was National Siblings Day.  My Facebook feed was filled with photos of brothers and sisters.  I did not participate.  I do have a younger sister, but our relationship is... strained.  Actually, that would imply that there IS a relationship, and there's not.  I've tried.  A few times.  It doesn't work.  One person can't … Continue reading I Did Not Acknowledge Siblings Day