Unemployment… AKA, Why Does the Governor Hate People?

So there have been several local stories about staffing shortages, particularly for restaurants. This area relies on tourism and in particular, restaurants. And now some people have decided, without any evidence, that unemployment payments are the reason restaurants can't hire enough staff. To hear that tale, the enhanced unemployment payments are making people choose not … Continue reading Unemployment… AKA, Why Does the Governor Hate People?

I Want Spindles!

So after being in this house for over a year, I mostly still love it. But one of the things I don't love is our stair wall. Because, well, it's this. It's a wall. The model of our floor plan actually had spindles, but we were told that was only in the model, and we … Continue reading I Want Spindles!

One Year

It's been one year. One year since I was trying to navigate a horrible website design for unemployment. One year since three of us started staying home all the time. The 4th person had to work in-person. One year since we realized how lucky we were to have just gotten moved into the house, where … Continue reading One Year

Personal Experience: The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

I don't venture outside of my preferred genre that often. The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek, by Kim Michele Richardson, is not in that genre. It's sort of literature, historical fiction, with a little romance all rolled into one, maybe? It was a book club book, and I wasn't really looking forward to it because … Continue reading Personal Experience: The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

Microsoft, Are You Kidding Me?

So this happened. I took screenshots for proof, lol. The younger daughter is attending school virtually. She has a school-issued computer, but she prefers the Microsoft Surface we got her. Right before Thanksgiving, it stopped charging. If you don't know, the Surface doesn't have a traditional laptop battery. There's a magnetic cord for charging, similar … Continue reading Microsoft, Are You Kidding Me?