Nothing But Pawns in the Game

Wikipedia has an entry entitled "Government shutdowns in the United States." That's rather telling, isn't it? There's a separate entry for the current shutdown that began December 21, 2018. This is the 3rd shutdown in the past year. Let me say this clearly. Federal employees are weary of being used as pawns in this game. … Continue reading Nothing But Pawns in the Game


Goodbye 43, Hello 44

Yesterday was my 44th birthday. Once upon a time, that seemed old. Now that I'm here, I don't *feel old. Do you ever start feeling old? I feel very introspective around this time of year, maybe related to another birthday, maybe related to the end of the year and all that comes with that. Now … Continue reading Goodbye 43, Hello 44

Looks Like We Need to Discuss Pre-Existing Conditions Again

So this past weekend, like many other Americans, I got up to the news that a federal judge in Texas ruled the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional. Not because of the original law, mind you, but because Trump and his cohorts undermined it by removing the individual mandate to have health insurance. I thought this was something we didn't have to worry about for now, especially with Democrats getting the majority in the House again. Obviously, I was wrong.

30 Days of Gratitude. All at Once.

It's November, so my social media feed is filled with gratitude posts. I enjoy reading them, but I'm pretty lousy at managing to post about it every single day, so I'm modifying it a bit. I like to give credit where credit is due, so I'm using this particular one. I'm behind a little bit. … Continue reading 30 Days of Gratitude. All at Once.

It’s All Come Down to This

Infuriating. That's the only word I can come up with about today's Senate hearing with Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh. I thought, hoped that we had progressed beyond this. Obviously not. I am so bitterly disappointed and angry with the men (I can't even bring myself to refer to them by their titles) who … Continue reading It’s All Come Down to This

We Interrupt This Programming to Bring You a Stupid Action By a Police Department

This wasn't my original plan for posting. However, when I opened up Facebook this morning, the very first post I saw was this. Screenshot from my computer. I started seeing this meme yesterday. First, let me say that I don't mind memes that are meant to be funny. I'm not a fan of memes that … Continue reading We Interrupt This Programming to Bring You a Stupid Action By a Police Department

Hurricane Weary – No, We Didn’t Evacuate

Our county in South Carolina has been under a mandatory evacuation since Tuesday. We did not evacuate. Now, before you start judging, hear me out. I'm not a hurricane rookie. Erin, Floyd, Irene, Sandy, effects of Joaquin, Matthew, and Irma. I think that's the list. My comfort level extends through a Category 2 storm. We … Continue reading Hurricane Weary – No, We Didn’t Evacuate